https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqZGvkF00DI Light, love, never close and yet so present. A fire in my hearth, in my heart, a reflection shifting from reddish to crimson, rarely green and blue, when wet. How so ? A fire, wet ? By your tears, I reckon, burning like these present embers belonging to the dark and fierce past. Would [...]

The Journey

Shallow hollow shadowBe gone for now Void, you won't swallow Because you won't follow I smile and cryBattle, restless, with "why?"Never again I'll dieIn the place where children lieCome foward, life I rest in your mess I give my best to your testI embrace the maze Comtempt with my armyOf thoughts, I lie happyIn the [...]


Never going back there. Where the silence lies. Never drowning in the sphere Of endless loveless ties. Always breathing new memories As long as I have these reveries Never forget the fragility Of these mayflies I captured To release them into eternity And see them in your eyes, raptured. Always breathe through new firstsFor I [...]

The Hours

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2vRbNehGB0 "Opening" by Philip Glass Mr. RobotThe spinning weel of false highs and true lows will continue. Hey darling. What's happening? No, no, don't you cry. I am there to hold you tight. "I am all alone". Shh, you're not alone, see, I am here, your shoulder I'm holding, keeping you from unravelling. "They're coming [...]

Lone Digger

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbQgXeY_zi4 Big mess, stretchy madness. Huge dreadful awful insanity. It’s coming from everywhere, attacking and striking as I am blindfolded, eyes wide open on my own condition. “As I wrestle, alone in the dark, in the deep deep dark”. Colors and sounds, tastes and memories; they all mingle until it’s all a big messy awful [...]

No more of that, my lord.

Never let you down. I hate love. Habits. Show must go on. Stay High. Sugar. Another Love. Perfect Day. Sound of Silence. Halleluja. I am stuck. Tuck me in.At the path's intersection. Wanting absolution. Never letting go. Feeling, always, hollow.Rejecting kindess, filling up the emptiness. Denying love, wanting to rise above. Still so present, ever [...]

Epilogue / Prologue

https://youtu.be/eMEjmcF2sys A blow on the chest, white noise in the stomach, blurry eyes, I fall down and start it all over. Again. A music sheet, note after note, repeating the measure, never knowing where and when to end. The cello's tender voice is falling down my reddish cheeks, singing passion and despair.A strike to the [...]

Distant shore . . .

Tu es sur une rive lointaine, et, moi, perdue dans les mots, beaux, sots. Si arrogants et détachés. Séparés par un mur de verre, pouvant voir au travers, mais jamais se toucher. Tu es feu et glace, et mes membres glacés sont caressés de chaleur quand tu murmures dans la pénombre. La poésie est tout [...]

Insomnie douce-amère

Levres sur mes levres. Mains dans la mienne. Yeux dans les yeux. Pas un mot prononcé et une gestuelle qui se passe de discours. Un recours, au secours, je m'abîme dans cette chaleur respectueuse. Cette caresse sans port d'attache et pourtant si douce quand touchée. Du gris dans du turquoise. Des beiges dans un tout. [...]

The Reflection

Obey. Smile. Be a good girl. Don't speak. Your opinion doesn’t matter. Don’t look at them. Don’t listen to yourself. You lie. You act. You perform. The reflection...Starring at this mirror, filled with all that I ever was. All of my faces, the true, the raw, the hurt, the hidden. And the little doll, the [...]

Waky waky

https://youtu.be/T3ypvqu2Xoo Honey, honey, I'm stuck on the chorus, the night's main broken tune. Deliver me from this threat under the pillow. Mellow, mellow, and yet all the daydreaming mistakes, behind the show's curtain. Insane, insane, the destructions in the lullaby. Where is the secret to unlock the right path? Would you find me into this [...]